Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So I definitely am not keeping up with this whole blogging thing very well... yep.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


If God is infinite, and infinitely creative, and infinitely deep, and unconditionally forgiving, and gracious beyond what we can possibly comprehend, and MADLY in love with us, and has deep secrets and mysteries that he longs for us to discover... I will never be bored ever again.

I'm beginning to think that Jesus has outgrown the pretty white robes that I've been dressing Him in, God has gotten a little bit to big for my box, and the Holy Spirit is done being a side dish.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back in Hawaii...

I have been back in Kona for three weeks and have been keeping pretty busy! I'm taking the school of marketing and research and also working with the DTS (discipleship training school). It's cool cuz I get to meet one-on-one with a couple girls and kinda mentor them through the DTS process, which is something that I'm realizing that I really like to do. I feel most alive and fulfilled when I'm pouring into other people, so the past three weeks have been awesome!

I'll be back in the ATX at Christmas time and will be there for a while (2 months-ish) and after that, I'm not sure... a million options, quite a few good ones, but it's just a matter of deciding what I want, which is proving to be a harder task than I anticipated... Maybe it's a commitment issue, or fear of being unhappy with my decision later, but I'm really trusting that soon I will be able to lay out a more concrete idea of what I my long-term goals are. Maybe when I grow up I'll figure it out... haha. No, but seriously, this week in class Patrick Dodson (patrickdodson.net) is teaching on identity and how you need to fully grasp who you are and what your passions are before you can speak into a world that has a gaping void in the place of purposeful living and misdirected passions. Then, when you grasp who you are, you will be able to create things with depth, cuz it comes from passions within you and things you really care about. It's already working!... Yesterday and today, my mind has been going CRAZY with ideas for now and the future!... I might explode... really. I'm expectant that this week God is going to help me recognize some dreams He's put in me that may give me a clue about what to do next.