Friday, April 3, 2009

O-Town, New Zealand...


  • there are more sheep than people
  • the video rental store's check-out log is hand written
  • everything closes at 4p
  • people hang dry their clothes... primitive huh?
  • the sunrises are pink and purple
  • everyone's garden is beautiful
  • the light switch is on when it's flipped down, and is off when it's up
  • the toilets have two buttons... one for a regular flush and one for a super flush
  • the local ice cream shop gives three HUGE scoops for a dollar
  • roosters crow in the morning
  • everyday we have "tea" instead of dinner
  • the weather changes like crazy!
  • kids ride their bikes to school
  • with the accent, I can't tell if someone is saying "letter" or "ladder",and "bear"or "beer"
What a good place to be...

1 comment:

Umar said...

Hilarious, Hailey. Had no idea you'd gone down-under. Doing SBS there? When I first saw it, I thought you were with the Dodsons. Or are you? Hope you enjoy all of it. Take care!